we are shutting doors

Dear friends,

From the bottom of our heart we have to apologize, but we are shutting doors.

After our exhibition Freestyle II everything collapsed. It started before the summer and it stayed inactive. Even though we promised to pull this together, we unfortunately did not. This made us realize, especially after the struggle internally we had with our exhibition Alice last year, that we can’t go on like this. There was zero to none activity in the past weeks, even months, and we think there won’t be any activity any time soon. We feel ashamed because we leave a really good group behind us.

We had an amazing run for how long it lasted. For the past 5 years we’ve worked and enjoyed this collective of friends, and was amazed at the sheer creativity of our artists. We had the team to present 9 uniquely themed exhibits to the world, something we should be proud of. Throughout the years we’ve seen this team growing and slinking, growing again and slinking. The artists made The Revuh Collective what it was, a wonderful and beloved group.

Unfortunately, with regret we have to say that The Revuh Collective has run its course. With Freestyle II we’ve made a lasting impression. We’ll be keeping the exhibitions online for you all to see. We will be closing the private forums in short notice. We want to thank you all for participating and being part of the team that is The Revuh Collective. Unfortunately we won’t be able to release the new pack we’re making, so if you want to publish your pieces, go ahead. We are sorry if you have waited so long and at least can’t contribute with your piece to the supposed new pack. We really know how you feel.

Thanks again for your contribution, and we hope to see you somewhere else in the digital art community. Take care and thanks for the support throughout the years.


The Revuh Collective Staff

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The Revuh Collective was a network of creative individuals from all edges of the world, dedicated to producing online 'interactive' art exhibitions of the highest quality.

We believed that creativity and inspiration are necessary components of life itself, and it was our mission to provide a globally accessable medium for distributing these elements to the public for their viewing pleasure, free of charge or admission.

From the bottom of our heart we have to apologize, but we are shutting doors. We had an amazing run for how long it lasted. We love you all.

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Do you have a passion for creativity and want to show your support? If you believed in what The Revuh Collective stands for and still would like to support us, we thank you in advance. You can grab our attention via email at spreadthelove@revuh.net.

We appreciate all donations, whether it be in time or resources donated to our cause.

The Revuh Collective is a non-profit organization.